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Monteverdi & Minestrone

It’s warming up in south-east Queensland. Our short “winter” has passed, but I took one final opportunity last week to make a big pot of soup before it gets too hot to enjoy it properly. After all, no one wants … Continue reading

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Sorry for the long absence between posts. Instead of writing about music I’ve been busy experiencing it, travelling around Europe, exploring cities, making new friends and of course gathering more stories, musical and otherwise. I’m back in Brisbane now and … Continue reading

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The Flying Orchestra

Since moving to Queensland about two and half years ago, I’ve really come to love my new home. In fact, recently I’ve had so many “I love Brisbane!” moments when I’ve been out doing ordinary things: people-watching in the city, … Continue reading

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Bach and Casals: A chance meeting in Barcelona

I finally finished reading Eric Siblin’s brilliant book The Cello Suites the other day. What a fantastic read! For all lovers of classical music – and even all potential lovers of classical music (by which I mean everyone else) – … Continue reading

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Comfort Food

Just a short post today – I know I’ve been a little quiet lately. Well, quiet on here, but very busy elsewhere. Time flies when you’re learning about rocks and singing Bach. (Not at the same time.) I had the most … Continue reading

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A musical remembrance for Japan

I think it says a lot about us as human beings that we instinctively turn to music during times of crisis and sadness. Whether personal, communal, national or global crises, once the numbing sensation of shock wears off, we are … Continue reading

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Date #1: Seduced by Scriabin

My goodness, life gets busy doesn’t it? Working, singing, dating… well, probably more of the first two and less of the last but they’ve all kept me occupied recently. At the end of January I started a new job in … Continue reading

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