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The Wonderful World of Dartington – Part 1

I’ve been back from my whirlwind visit to Europe for more than six weeks now. “When are you going to write about Dartington?” several people have asked me eagerly. “Soon,” I reply, mentally adding it to my ever-growing to do … Continue reading

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Song for a beach holiday

Happy New Year, musical friends! Welcome to Music Tasting in 2012. I’ve been on a week-long beach holiday recently, which was a delightful way to begin the year. It’s becoming something of a tradition, actually, with a close group of … Continue reading

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Welcoming Summer

The Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane released their new CD last Sunday. I happen to be on it, because Brisbane Chamber Choir doubles as the Cathedral Chamber Choir, but that’s not why I’m sharing this piece with you today. It’s called … Continue reading

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